I identified the most efficient way to grow a business

because all successes or failures actually exist in yourself

What I do

do all my business by involving my customers

I help companies grow

Just simple thinking to start what your business planned, because all the plans just you can drive, not your partner especially your business competitors


slowly but surely is a good start do not force yourself to hurry because you are the driver

How does it work

We'll just go through these 4 easy steps


Let's have a quick discussion​

don't have too many meetings and discussions, because that's the source of your first failure


Understanding your business

understand all the plans from the start you plan and don't delay things just because you don't have a partner


Delivering the strategy

use a strategy that you believe is your own style and performance so that you are easier to implement it


You can now enjoy the results

anything will be good and without worries if you do what you believe from the beginning

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What my clients say

Kurniawan helped me step by step until my pension fund became well developed

Hj Masniah Mulyani

If I don't spur my trust, maybe my whole business will be oppressed, thank you Kurniawan

Handy Wijaya


Kurniawan asked me to trust myself and it turned out to be an obstacle that I had been facing until finally things got even better

Rusdy Hidayat Syam
Co-Founder at Atma Building
Let's talk​

Let me help you grow your business.